Kaizen Enneagram Certification

Transformative Community-Based Enneagram Certification Program with Coach Milton Stewart, MBA

Bringing Amazing People Together Over the Enneagram

The Kaizen(continuous improvement) Community Enneagram program is a friendly and supportive group environment for you to explore the Enneagram. Internationally Accredited Enneagram Teacher, Milton Stewart, teaches a comprehensive curriculum that will guide you through the complete Enneagram. Each week, you will learn how to use the tool in a deeper and more practical way to create real and sustainable change. Your deepest inner work will happen in your specially curated growth groups in-between classes.

Cohort #7 starts on January 11, 2024, and finishes on March 28, 2024
Cohort #8 starts on August 8, 2024, and finishes on October 24, 2024

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Learn how to use the Enneagram to transform your life

Major Benefits of this Program

Confidence - You will gain confidence in your Enneagram knowledge and in your use of the Enneagram. 

Clarity - This program will help you obtain clarity around what areas to focus on with your inner work. 

Community - The Enneagram is best learned in groups. You will be designated a group to do your weekly growth work.

You can only learn so much from books, podcasts, and memes

Course Curriculum

Program Features

Enneagram Growth Guide - All students will receive this 90+ page exclusive enneagram guide in the mail that compliments the in-class training. 
This guide is for deeper dives into the material throughout the class and even in along your enneagram journey in the future. 
This robust guide gives you special enneagram content only seen in this book. Milton has not shared this information in workshops or on the podcast.

BONUS - After you complete the KCEP certification you will have 1 months of free access  to the exclusive "The Work - Enneagram Group Coaching Program" or Enneagram Professional Mentorship program with Coach Milton.

"The Work" - Enneagram Group Coaching Program: This program will help you integrate the learning from the certification course to keep you on a consistent growth path with other dedicated kaizen academy members. 

Enneagram Professional Membership is for those who are seeking to use the enneagram in their profession in some way. Coach Milton gives you the tools to help you build your business and be a great enneagram professional of any sort. 

Your Teacher

Hear Milton Describe KCEP.mp3

Master Level Teaching - Coach Milton has studied under some of the best Enneagram teachers including, Dr. Ginger Lapid-Bogda,  Dr. Deborah Egerton, Russ Hudson, Dr. Beatrice Chestnut, Uranio Paes, Dr. Jerry Wagner, Marion Gilbert, Jessica Dibb, and many great Narrative Tradition teachers as well.   
Learn the Complete Enneagram - The enneagram has lots of components to it. You'll learn how they all fit and work together for growth.


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What makes this certification different than other ones?

Currently, this is the only International Enneagram Association-accredited training program taught by an African-American male so you'll gain a one-of-a-kind enneagram perspective. 

You'll learn from Coach Milton has some of the broadest Enneagram training experience of any teacher in the world. This certification program gives you massive information, deep personal inner work, group coaching, and group growth work that moves you to transformation. 

This certification is also comprehensive so you will learn just how expansive the enneagram truly is in these 12 weeks. 

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Learn the Enneagram with other Enneagram Enthusiasts around the World!

The benefits of the Enneagram are so much more powerful when you share your journey with a community.


Who is this certification program for?

This certification is for people who care about making a difference in this world by becoming a better version of themselves. This includes professionals who want to use the enneagram in their practice and people who want to use the enneagram personally for deep growth.

How Long Does This Program Last? (12 weeks)

This program will start on Thursday, August 17th, and go on until Thursday, November 2nd. The class will be on Thursday of each week. If you are international it may be Friday morning for you.

TIME: 6pm-9pm CST; 7pm-10pm EST; 4pm-7pm PST; 5pm-8pm MST 

What do I need to complete the course?

A computer, speaker/sound, email address, and a growth mindset. 

What if I miss a week's live session?

The live teaching sessions will be recorded and posted to view for 3 weeks after the presentation.

What can I do if I need help?

If you need help with something related to the course, please contact [email protected]

How can I pay?

Debit, Credit, and PayPal

What if I enroll and I have an emergency before the class starts??

Email us immediately and 100% money-back guarantee if a claim is made before December 21st. After December 21st there are no refunds

Is there a discount if I bring another person with me?

Yes, if you bring another person to sign-up, you and the other person will get a $497 discount. That means the price is only $1000per person. Contact [email protected] for that discount code

How is this program set up?

This program is a combination of live, virtual teaching, group coaching, weekly growth work in your Enneagram Growth Guide, and weekly post/engagement inside our community group.

Is this Program Accredited by the International Enneagram Association?

Yes, Coach Milton is an Accredited Professional so attending this course will give you IEA accreditation points after completing the program.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, payments can be divided into a payment plan. If you are interested in a payment plan email [email protected] or click the link below.

Pricing Options

Total cost:  $1,497
Flexible payment plans are available
If you want to attend but need financial assistance please email.
For Payment Plan Options please email [email protected]